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What Car Paint Colors Hold Up Best In Florida

The quality of the paint on your vehicle is probably the most important exterior appearance factor for a good-looking vehicle. It can make you feel better about your car, get those stares while on the road, and even increase the resale value of your vehicle. But how do you keep that paint job from succumbing to wear and tear, and the elements in Florida that attack your paint? This often leads vehicle owners and shoppers to the question of what car paint colors hold up best in Florida.


Availability of Stronger Paints

Clear coats have made a big difference in the ability of paint colors to hold up over the years in the face of a difficult environment. This has made the difference in durability from one paint color to another less than in the past. The real difference is from paint type to paint type. Car manufacturers use different paints, so you will find the major differences in paint resilience from vehicle make to vehicle make. However, this doesn't mean that color doesn't play some role in the longevity of a brilliant paint color.


What Causes Paint Colors to Fade

There are several reasons for vehicle paint colors to fade. The climate, in general, is an important reason. If you live in an area that is sunny, such as the state of Florida, you can expect your paint colors to fade quicker. Also, the salt air, if you live near the coast, will be tough on beautiful car paint colors. Areas of high air pollution can also be detrimental to your vehicle's color.

You can't change the climate in Florida, fighting air pollution is a long-term fight, and you certainly don't want to move away from the beautiful water; so, the question becomes what do you do to prevent your vehicle paint color from fading?


Which Car Paint Colors to Choose

The hardest paint colors to keep looking good, no matter where you live, are the dark colors. Because they contrast so sharply with any sort of dint, ding, scratch or faded spots, their issues are much more noticeable than other colors. Theoretically, all paint colors fade at the same rate, but the darker colors show their issues more quickly and more strikingly. If you want to avoid sun fading your car paint colors, go with a white or silver. If you don't like either of those colors, try to avoid black and the darker reds, blues, greens and yellows.


Tips for Extending the Life of Your Car's Paint

Paints have come a long ways and most vehicles come with rather resilient paint. The key to having your paint color hold up in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter, is to take care of the exterior of your vehicle. This means frequent washing and regular waxing. If you do to the beach, be sure to wash the vehicle (including the undercarriage to avoid rust) as soon as possible afterward. The salt in the beach air will wreak havoc on your paint job. Tree sap and bird droppings should also be removed as soon as possible to prevent them from doing damage to your vehicle paint.

Where you park your vehicle is important. If you have a garage, it will be a great help to park your vehicle there while at home. When out on the town or in the city, try for covered parking garages rather than uncovered parking lots and street parking. Your choices can help lessen the impact of Florida’s environment and make your vehicle’s paint color stay bright and beautiful.


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